StealthEnomics™ has worked tirelessly to bring a multitude of resources under one roof for the benefit of businesses whether it be a startup, or seasoned business. Our process and services are designed to work through a full business lifecycle and provide the on-going support a developing and growing business require. We pride ourselves on being dedicated to the success of the business and building long lasting relationships.



We provide 4 distinct areas for supporting the growth of your business!

  • Protect: Leverage 3 key components to insulate your business from risk.

  • Launch: Launch your business using our 8 First Best Steps System.

  • Build: Build the right infrastructure using some of the best solutions.

  • Grow: Grow your business with unified marketing & sales, strategies.




Protect your business by building the proper foundation.

  • Access to Legal Counsel

    With the SmallBiz plans, you have access to unlimited business legal counsel. Understand the proper legal bases for your business by having a dedicated law firm available to you. Know your business rights.

  • Access to Business Experts

    Ask an unlimited number of business-related questions. Remove the need for spending valuable hours of your time doing research on various business strategies, marketing, or sales tactics. Ask an expert and have the work done for you. This will put you on the quickest path to revenue.

  • Proper Business Insurance

    Be certain that your business will function if anything were to ever happen to you. We help to map out the proper path of establishing the right business infrastructure.


Crafted for SmallBiz Plan


Unlimited Legal Consultation

20 Calls or letters per year

20 Legal Documents Reviewed

5 Collection Letters per month


8 First Best Steps System

  • Step 1: Mutual Discovery

    Share your vision and our team of experts will share options to help you get there.Our business consulting and technology solutions reduce the anxiety and time when transforming a concept or product into a viable project.

  • Step 2: Choose a Legal Structure

    Choose the right business legal structure for your company to insulate and protect your personal assets. You want to establish the veil of protection over you and your business. 

  • Step 3: Initial Business Content

    In today's market your message and content are key to building a robust content library and establishing how you will communicate to your Ideal Customer Profile. What message and content will your audience respond to?

  • Step 4: Creating Your Corporate Identity

    Develop your brand with you new logo, business cards, email templates and stationary to personally and professionally engage new prospects.

  • Step 5: Establish Your Domain Name

    Choose your websites domain name which prospects will use to reach out and purchase your products or services on the internet. Be sure to choose a domain name that isn't too long or complex. 

  • Step 6: Develop Your Strategic Marketing Plan

    Develop a customized digital marketing plan to leverage social media platforms where billions of dollars of products and services are purchased every year. Build your marketing avatar.

  • Step 7: Build A Mobile Compatible Website

    Build your website for an attractive, professional, mobile-compatible website that feels great on tablet or smart phone. Ensure that your site provides a great customer experience and isn't overly complicated. 

  • Step 8: Align Yourself With A Business Advisor

    In any business regardless the level, you want to have a trusted business advisor sole purpose is to help guide you through the land mines of business failure. Align yourself with a launch advisor who cares about your business success. . 


Services For Business Profitability, Productivity, & Protection

You're a next-level visionary entrepreneur who's survived the startup process and you've acquired the wisdom, stories, and scars to prove it. Now solidify your initial successes with the proper business infrastructure. 


Business Growth Services

Enhance your business growth with marketing and sales tactics designed to increase revenue with SMART goals and target campaigns.

  • Process Optimization: Increase your business productivity with business process optimization and sales automation.

  • Sales Training: Learn the fundamental objectives of the "But I Hate Sales" prospecting methods.

  • Inbound/Outbound Calling: Enhance your sales and marketing process with managed inbound and outbound calling.

  • Marketing Strategy: Research your market and develop a 12-month marketing strategy to drive sales for a full fiscal year.